Away with the Fairies

Short Film | 14 mins


Funded by Kildare Arts Office Short Grass Films Commission

Produced by Treasure Entertainment

Uncomfortable in a body she barely recognises, exhausted and unable to connect with her three month old infant, motherhood is not everything new mother Maura dreamed it would be.


Short Film | 9 mins


Funded by the Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown Arts Office Emerging Filmmaker Commission

Produced by Failsafe Films

Even when sinister noises start haunting him in his isolated farm house, ailing farmer Pat Lynch refuses to admit he needs help.

The Drive

Short Film | 6 mins


Funded by Clones Film Festival

Produced by Helen Flanagan

In the face of an unplanned pregnancy a distressed mother struggles to connect to her baby daughter.

The Debt

Short Film | 12 mins


Funded by Film Offaly

Produced by Failsafe Films

When lovestruck ten year old Daithi falls for his unattainable classmate Jessica he turns to his best friend Penny, a rough and tumble tomboy from a broken home, to help him win her heart. 

An Cat

Short Film | 12 mins

Drama / Family

Funded by TG4 and Filmbase Lasair 5

Produced by Trisha Flood

A bereaved man finds himself harassed by his late wife's beloved pet cat. 

What Number Am I? 

28x2 minutes episodes

Children's Television Series

Commissioned by RTEjr

Produced by Ink and Light Films

An observational documentary style series about children, for children!